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 Section G : Fighting

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PostSubject: Section G : Fighting   Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:29 am

A Forewarning
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules. You will remain anonymous

S E C T I O N . G : F I G H T I N G
<table align="center" style="width:80%;border:1"; border="0">
<td style="background-color:transparent;height: 350px; overflow:
I C . O O C ) You can fight in-character about anything but leave Out Of Character, Out of Character and vise versa. Do not deliberately pick fights with other members.

S P A R I N G ) If you wish to Spar with someone, or fight for some reason, please contact the member via PM first and an admin to let them know what is going on. (This applies if it is to be a surprise attack.)

L O S I N G ) Lost battles: You can lose a fight by letting your character give up, but remember no one can say they killed your character unless you gave them permission. You can also lose by not replying to the thread in 14 days (unless you posted and stated you would be away) if the fight was still underway.

J U D G I N G ) The fights can be judged by admins & staff if you want, but usually this is reserved for challenges of rank. If you want a fight judged, just PM an Administrator or Moderator.

C H A L L  E N G I N G  ) A game as it might be for you, some people or characters take fights seriously, so be careful of who you challenge!

K . O ) As said before, only with permission of the owner can you kill someone's character. If permission is given, make sure that it is known in your post somewhere so staff don't get confused, or alternatively, a message from the -to be- deceased character should be sent to an admin. If you did not ask the character for permission or the other person denied and you still kill them you will be banned from the site.

G O D L Y ) No power-playing, god-modding, auto-hitting, etc.

K I L L I N G ) Killing another Players person/character without permission will result in banning from The Kumari Pack site. This Rule is below no one on this site.

G U I D E ) Sparing Rules vary depending on the people involved. Those people can propose rules for their opponent, but each must agree to the rules before the fight commences. 
If there are no rules specified, here are some guidelines you might consider.
Be descriptive. 
A reply to a spar should consist of three paragraphs as so:
1. An avoid/connect.
2. A detailed attack - the possible connection
3. A secondary attack - the possible connection.
Example: (simplified, your paragraphs should contain more words and much more detail.)
As Joes foot came swinging towards Jason's face, Jason's arm raised with speed in the hopes to bloke the blow directed at his face. The solid smack against the posteria side of his fore arm had confirmed the fact that he had indeed blocked the attack and though pain swelled in his arm, it was bare able.

The hand which he had just used to protect his face, swung around, knocking Joes ankle away with a solid and single blow, in the hopes to either knock the man off guard, or off balance.

The second after the confirmation of safety, Jason threw out his other arm, directly towards Joes stomach. His hand remained open for maximum speed, closing only inches from his opponents stomach, relishing in the thought of a solid connection. Hopefully, the man had not found his feet fast enough to evade the attack.

If there is no secondary attack, maybe your paragraphs can be as so:
1. An evade/ connect
2. A detailed attack. 
3. A possible connection.

For more explanatory definitions, please click here: Definitions</td></tr></table>
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Section G : Fighting
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