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 Section B : Characters

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PostSubject: Section B : Characters   Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:51 am

A Forewarning
Like anywhere else, we have rules to follow if you want to play here. Feel free to contact a member of the staff if you feel someone is in violation of these rules, you will remain anonymous.

S E C T I O N . B : C H A R A C T E R S

<table align="center" style="width:80%;border:1"; border="0">
<td style="background-color:transparent;height: 350px; overflow:

G E N D E R ) You are not subjected to characters of one gender. A man In Real Life may have a Female Character if he so wishes and vise-versa for a woman. Try to explore each gender as far as characters go; Though, it is not mandatory.

P O W E R S ) Yes! We allow powers. We do not have a limit to our powers, HOWEVER, they are to be used in moderation and with a sense of realism: 

No god-Modding or Power-Playing. Your character cannot have 'unstoppable' powers. They must have a weakness and there must be an end to their powers, they cannot have infinite energy. Every character has a limit that, if surpassed, will make them weak and tired.

Also as a rule to God-Modding, should you want to have your character learn a new ability or acquire a new power, you must make a thread with the actions. You cannot 'magically' learn a power/ability, it must be learned or earned. If the user does not create a thread to explain how, or develop the power/ability, they will be asked to delete the power/ability and take the appropriate actions to acquire it properly. This rule has been placed so that no unfairness can be played within the site. (Refer to Section I : The Character Specific Board.)

S H I F T I N G ) Your character may shift forms and we do not keep a maximum to how many it may have, it is your character, not ours; But please, if you have many forms, make sure that you use them all equally, and you MUST explain each form; appearance, how they acquired that form, abilities, etc. in as much detail as is possible in their character biography.

M U L T I P L E . A C O U N T S ) You may have multiple of 3 characters but you must ask the Administrator for permission. To have more then one is fine but some people cannot handle more then one. So based on activity an Administrator will allow or disallow you to have another character; If you are to create another character, you may create a new account for this character but this character must begin as a lone whether or not they have a separate account.

 s u b . c h a r a c t e r s) These are characters that are not needed full time. We still require a profile that needs to be accepted by an Administrator. Sub characters do not need a separate account, they must be posted under the >>Sub Character Board<<. Sub characters are not limited as long as the user does not abuse this privilege.

C H A R A C T E R . U P D A T I N G) You may change your profile at any given time, but please adhere to Rule 1, that if you are to change your profile, for what ever reason, the change must have been Role Played correctly first. This is to ensure that your character does not acquire powers 'magically'. If your character is to acquire a power, it must first be put through a thread on how he/she got these new powers/abilities.

P A C K . M E M B E R S H I P) A creator that has already has a character that is a current Pack Member may not not join another Pack with the same character. If they do, they will be removed as a Pack Member and be placed as a Lone. This rule does not apply if your character is playing as a spy from your current pack. This rule, how ever, does not mean that you cannot use another character as a part of another pack. As it is a different character. You may use your Kumari Member character on another site as a friend at no digression.

P U P S / C H I L D R E N ) To ensure someone is not stuck playing a pup for months and months we have adapted a system here to help age your pup. The female should be pregnant for a minimum of one month, max a month and half.  For every month that passes off the forum, two months pass in the forum. So your pup will half a year old by 6 months of age, at 6 months they will be a year old, etc... By a year old they begin their training within the pack as either a healer, scout, guardian, or spy (as the case may become).


If anything is confusing for you, please contact an Administration for clarification.
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Section B : Characters
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